Friday, April 26, 2013

Eating Clean while traveling

Last week I spent a few days in Houston for work and I didn't want to sacrifice my goals for this trip so I researched and planned well for what was to come. Luckily, I knew ahead of time which restaurants we had reservations for and what was near me. I knew there was a Whole Foods grocery store close by and breakfast restaurants around me. I found menus for those restaurants and picked out a couple meals for each one. I had a grilled chicken sandwich at the SLC airport, grilled salmon at PF Chang's, carne asade at Escalante's and filet mignon and lobster (without the added butter) at Perry's Steakhouse. Lunch was taken care of by the conference and we had fajita burritos where I left out the tortilla and just had peppers, onions, chicken and beef and the next day was turkey sandwiches, dry on wheat bread with a side of fruit. Delicious. My hotel breakfast was also covered, by surprise, they had made to order omelets and also oatmeal with berries. At the Houston airport we ate at Fuddruckers, which is not the best place to try to eat clean but I made it work. I ordered the Buffalo Burger, removed the bun and used two large pieces of lettuce and added mustard onions and a tomato.

For snacks and packed my own. I have a robot lunch box that had ice packs built into the sides that you can stick in the freezer and lasts up to 10 hours. The best part was that it is airplane approved. So I kept it in my carry on where I stored hummus, carrots, berries and peanut butter. Outside of my freezable lunchbox I had apples, granola, crackers, protein powder and nuts. I spread these out to eat on my two flights and for two snacks a day while at the conference.

I recommend bringing a nice water bottle or I used a shaker bottle to the airport so you can fill it up with water after you pass security. I just went to the closest restaurant that had "serve yourself" drinks and filled it up with water and ice for my flight. Buying bottled water at the airport is extremely expensive and let's face it this lifestyle can be expensive enough so try to save where you can so this new improved lifestyle isn't a financial burden.

Let me know if you have any questions I probably left out some good tips.

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