Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheat Meals

I've been asked if I allow myself to have any "cheat meals" but I think that only applies to "diets." I live a lifestyle of eating clean and being fit. I eat whatever I want but I choose to eat the right things. I don't eat fast food because I don't like the way I feel afterwards and I want to take care of my health. However, I went out to eat with my family and they ordered some interesting ice cream and I was curious of what it tasted like so I had a small bite. I don't feel guilty about it because I chose to eat it knowing that it's not clean. Occasionally, like on my pizza, I'll eat cheese, but it's not a regular item I eat because of the fat content. I don't feel like I'm holding myself back from enjoying foods because I still eat a variety of flavors and styles of food that satisfies my cravings.

(I won't mention my diet soda drinking again. That is still a work in progress.)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Attention Yo-Yo Dieters

From my experience and observations a big reason diets fail is because the dieter has the attitude, "I only have to suffer for a few weeks and after I'll eat a whole pizza." Having this attitude is setting yourself up to fail. You can eat clean and be happy, believe it or not you CAN be happy without donuts and junk food. If cutting all that stuff is too hard, start slow and take one thing out of your diet at a time. That's what I did. I started with sweets because I don't crave sweets so it was easy to stop eating those, then I took out Cheetos because I LOVED Cheetos and then fast food and then cereal. And now all I need to cut out is diet soda which is very difficult, so if you see me drinking a soda, don't follow my example. That's my big goal for 2013.
Remember, it's a lifestyle change and that does happen over night. Commit to eliminating one thing at a time from your diet and it'll be easier to succeed. After 12 weeks of clean eating you'll be surprised how much you love it and how good you feel!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End of KB Challenge Results

The Kelsey Byers Challenged ended on December 24, 2012 and I had a great experience with very pleasant results! Over 12 weeks of eating clean and working hard in the gym. But it doesn't stop there. This is a lifestyle. I've noticed how much easier it has gotten to get my butt in the gym or to turn down a treat. I don't struggle anymore when food is in front of me. Every once in awhile I get a craving but I just eat my chicken and rice and the craving goes away. I have found plenty of healthy recipes that satisfy cravings, also. I can make a clean version of pretty much everything, and even non-clean eaters have enjoyed those recipes.
I'm grateful for the support I receive from everyone, family, friends and coworkers. It helps a lot to have them understand and to be apart of my success.

Now for the exciting stuff! Before and afters!

Before (9/17/12)
Weight: 130.
Widest area on tummy: 36in
Belly button: 32.5in.
Thighs: 24in.
Butt: 39.5in.
Arms: 11.5in.

NOW (12/24/12)
Weight: 123. -7 lbs
Widest area on tummy: 32.25 -3.75 in
Belly button: 30.25in -2.25 in
Thighs: 22in. -2 in
Butt: 37.5in. -2 in
Arms: 10.5in. -1 in