Saturday, October 20, 2012

Progress as of October 19, 2012

BEFORE (10/5/12)
Weight: 131.6
Widest area on tummy: 34.75in.
Belly button: 32.5in.
Thighs: 23.5in.
Butt: 38.75 in.
Arms: 11.25in.

NOW (10/19/12)
Weight: 128.8lbs. -2.8 lbs
Widest area on tummy: 34in. -0.75in
Belly button: 32.5in. no change
Thighs: 23.5in. No change
Butt: 38.25 in. -0.5in
Arms: 11in. -0.25in

A total of (since August 12, 2012)
Weight: -5.2lbs
Around the belly button: -0.5in
Thighs: -1in
Butt: -1.5in
Arms: -1in

My friends and family are starting to notice differences in my body and the way I eat. I feel so proud of what I've accomplished and it makes me want to work harder and see more results! I do not want to give up what I've gained.

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