Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Progress as of October 5th 2012

This is way overdue but these numbers are from last Friday.

BEFORE (9/23/12)
Weight: 129.
Arms: 11.5in.
Widest area on tummy: 35in.
Belly button: 32.5in.
Thighs: 23.75in.
Arms: 11.25in.

NOW (10/5/12)
Weight: 131.6 +2.6 lbs
Widest area on tummy: 34.75in. -0.25in
Belly button: 32.5in. no change
Thighs: 23.5in. -0.25in
Butt: 38.75 in. -0.25in
Arms: 11.25in. -0.25in

As you can see my weight went up. And as a girl it's hard to see that number on the scale increase. However, i did get a new scale. So there could have been a discrepancy, but if you look at my inches I've lost or stayed the same. Which means, I'm gaining muscle but losing fat. I can't wait to see more progress! How is everyone else doing? I'll be posting my new progress in a couple days.

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