Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Meals!!

Friday night my parents invited us to dinner and a movie, Chili's I had Salmon and Shrimp and lots of broccoli! (See picture) It was delicious! Saturday I went to my friend, Lacey's, bachelorette party which started at Applebee's and I had sirloin and steak with veggies.
It's possible to eat clean at any restaurant. You may have to adjust the item. For example, my steak and shrimp came with a sauce and mashed potatoes so I asked for it without it. Even though it said the sauce was "light" I was not sure what its made out of. You should also try to find out if the veggies have butter on them, it's common. Or what types of oil they cook their food in.

Sunday morning I made my hubby a yummy breakfast for General Conference. Blueberry Pancakes (found on and scrumptious eggs with meat, peppers and potatoes! (See picture)
Very simple homemade, clean meals.

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