Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kelsey Byers 12 Week Challenge

My sister-in-law, Kristi,  introduced Kelsey Byers challenge to me and we decided we're going to do it together!! Sounds like my husband and her husband will do it as well. Go to this website and check out the details and register with us!!
The challenge is free except they ask you to buy two Labrada products. Challenge begins Oct 1st. But if you register now you get a 2 week head start!!
My sister-in-law, Krisi, is discouraged thinking they are only looking for skinny girls to become fitness models, however, it's a TRANSFORMATION competition. They will pick winners off of the transformation not just end product. So don't let that discourage you. Kelsey Byers had her own huge transformation so she is a great person to learn from and to be inspired by.

Let me know if it's something you're interested in and we'll talk each other through it. What I love about "liking" fitness model's Facebook pages are the tips and experiences that I can learn from and we can do that for each other.

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