Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Olympia Weekend

We're on our way to VEGAS!!! My husband, Alberto, his brother, Dario and Dar's wife, Kristi. This is our 3rd year in a row going. I'm hoping to learn a lot about products and such to share with you guys! But, a little bit about what Mr. Olympia is. It's a bodybuilding competetion created by, Joe Weider in 1965, for all the Mr. Universe's to stay active in the sport. Here's a winner you may recognize... Arnold Schwarzenegger, he won years 1970-75 & 1980. I would recommend looking up the other winners. They look pretty amazing! It's very impressive what these men can do. 
There is also a Ms. Olympia competition that started in 1980 and women's figure and bikini. (I'm my sure when those started.) 

During this weekend there is an expo where a bunch of companies that set up booths and pass out samples of protein bars, shakes and other workout supplements. They also display and demonstrate products, such as, workout equipment, protein bottles, workout clothes and lunch boxes. Out first year we all bought amazing lunch boxes from 6 Pack Fitness. Check them out, I love it!!! I'll post a picture one of these days. (I promise I'll post more pictures!)

Well there is your intro to Mr. Olympia. I'll post everyday with the cool stuff I find!

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